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KOV Welcomes the World in 2016!


The Brotherhood of the Knights of the Vine is excited to announce that we will play host to the 49th FICB International Congress in the prestigious Napa and Sonoma Valleys, California June 8-12, 2016 with an extension to continue through June 14. We are eager to share our first-class wineries with our friends from Brotherhoods throughout the world, so that they can discover for themselves why this destination has become a favorite of wine lovers everywhere.


The Brotherhood of the Knights of the Vine, founded in 1964 and in the tradition of wine brotherhoods around the world, seeks to promote our country’s wine industry and educate our members to the benefits and enjoyment of wine.  We strive to promote American wines and wine producing regions; to introduce and recognize quality wines from around the world; and rekindle the respect of wine and wine culture for mankind and country. 

We are a founding member of the Federation Internationale des Confreries Bachiques and one of hundreds of Wine Brotherhoods from around the world! The Federation Internationale des Confreries Bachiques (FICB) is an umbrella organization that was created in 1964 and aims to promote and defend fine wines.

In addition to working with the American wine industry to promote American Wines, our  Brotherhood, through its National organization and local Chapters, sponsors unique national and local wine events. Events include a formal induction ceremony for new members as well as more casual luncheons, dinners, wine tastings and educational seminars.  Every other year, Brotherhood of the Knights of the Vine (KOV) members also have an opportunity to participate in the International Gathering of brotherhoods at our FICB International Congress hosted by member brotherhoods in their home country.

Click here for more videos of what Napa & Sonoma have to offer!

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